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Beneath BC and Beneath Canada was created by Russell Clark, but it's not a project that belongs to anyone. It is a hashtag, an idea, a concept of promotion that others can, and are using to help promote the underwater side of British Columbia and Canada. The centre for this was the website, a small but nicely formed resource for our local underwater realm.


Do you think those British Columbian mountains stop at the water level? Do you think BC wildlife is confined to the forests? Do you think the cold, dark water couldn't possibly be home to anything interesting? That's why BeneathBC exists.

It is to help show people an incredible world, right on their doorstep - well, under it to be exact. The overall aim is for others to contribute on social media using the #BeneathBC hashtag.


Together we have a strong voice that other, non divers can learn something new from, and maybe be inspired to join us exploring this incredible world. 

Scuba Dive BC shot, edited, and directed this promotional video for Tourism BC in 2015.

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