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Documentary & Natural History Filmmaking

Video showcase for Russell Clark - Director, Writer, Editor, Videographer



Filmmaking is the ultimate way for me to tell other people's stories. There's something inherently interesting to me about showing a person's relationship or experience with wildlife or a specific environment.

I am a Director, writer, producer, videographer, designer, diver, and editor. I am a Jack of all trades, and proud of it. My diverse background through print, digital, and TV has made me be a better filmmaker, and there's plenty more stories I want to tell.

Photo: Maxwel Hohn

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Russell's focus and passion is creating compelling and genuine films. He works on his own or with other people, combining underwater, aerial, and topside video into original and engaging films, often with a wildlife or natural history element, and sometimes called Minimentaries. Filmmaking is one of the most powerful and creative mediums in the world, with its challenge being the biggest reward. 



Russell's background is in publishing, working on dozens of print magazines for some of the world's largest publishing companies. He also pioneered digital magazines in London - with a small group of colleagues a decade ago. Russell has Art Directed awarding winning titles for David Attenborough, Disney, and Dennis Publishing. He was an Adobe Ambassador, and is the current the Editor of DIVER magazine in Canada. 


Beginning with his journey in publishing Russell became a well respected Art Director, graphic designer and branding specialist. Over the past years through his company he has helped define many ocean and tourism focussed companies and organizations all over British Columbia and North America.



Throughout Russell's adult life photography has played a large part. From directing hundreds of magazine photo shoots, to gallery shows in London, France, and Canada. Underwater or above, taking photos has always been an important aspect to his storytelling, and a way to exercise visual techniques on a daily basis.


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