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Good old fashion print magazines - remember them?! My career in magazines began after cutting my teeth on a plethora of local newspapers. IPC Media was my first foray into the world of magazines and London skyscrapers. I then moved on to Dennis Publishing where I pretty much stayed, working a mix of full-time positions, and on a freelance basis. I worked across multiple titles, designing layouts, art directing photo shoots, and becoming art editor on many titles over the years. My last project in London was my most challenging and rewarding. As part of a very small team of people, we pioneered digital magazines, creating a brief new golden era in publishing. I became an Adobe Ambassador, and designed, built and art directed the first iPad magazine to be launched in Europe, and an iTunes number 1. I designed several more award winning iPad magazines, including one for Disney and one for David Attenborough. I lectured on digital publishing at Simon Fraser University, wrote in trade publications, gave talks, teached, and pushed the new format as far as I could with the launch of my own magazine Earth Periodical. Since then it's been back to my printed roots with DIVER. 

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