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Herring Spawn time

It's that wonderful time of year again when steller sea lions (and some Californian's) flock to the rocky shores of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Ready to feast on the herring that come into the area for their annual spawn, the sea lions are often the subject of many documentary projects. This year however we were pleased to be part of an ongoing alternative arts project that aims to capture and present the herring spawn in a very new and innovative way.

Our job was to assist fellow videographer Maxwel Hohn (seen above), and underwater photographer Tiare Boyes. Between and Maxwel, we've probably done more sea lion diving and video than anyone, and we've now become the go-to experts for most filming projects that feature sea lions on the west coast.

The final project won't be live until the end of the year but we'll post something here when we have more details.

In the meantime you can see more of Maxwel's incredible work here, and learn more about Tiare here.


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