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Russell Clark moved to British Columbia from England back in 2010, his path into filmmaking being slightly different from most. Though he worked on small independent productions from time to time, his background is in publishing, with a very successful career working across newspapers, magazines, websites and digital magazines. His role as Art Director expanded into Writer and Editor, and he was partly responsible for pioneering iPad magazines with award winning titles for David Attenborough and Disney. 


Upon arriving in Canada Russell decided to tackle his life-long fear of water by becoming a certified diver - and things were never the same again. Russell has since become a prominent member of the North American dive industry, producing magazines and running a small production company creating underwater video for brands all around the world. 


Since his first dip in the ocean, Russell’s time has been consumed by all things water: lakes, rivers, ponds, oceans, and even icebergs. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society in 2017 for his work communicating Canada’s rich underwater world. in In 2021 he won a Jackson Wild Award for his work on Tadpoles: The Big Little Migration. The same year he worked across multiple shoots for River Road Films' Island Of The Sea Wolves series on Netflix.  


Storytelling is in his soul and nothing makes him happier than telling the stories of others, especially those that have interesting relationships with our aquatic natural history. As a teenager he was lured in by the epic, special effects laden Hollywood blockbusters, now a little older and wiser, he realizes the most compelling stories, and the most epic visuals, are to be found in our natural world. 


Elected a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society for communicating Canada's underwater geography and natural history, with a focus on British Columbia, and Newfoundland. Russell continues to serve to make Canada better known to Canadians, and the world. 

What's kept me busy

  • Assistant Producer and Director on Shared Planet.

  • Island of the Sea Wolves for Netflix, multiple roles across a dozen shoots on

  • Winner of Jackson Wild Media Award for Tadpoles: The Big Little Migration

  • Islands, National Geographic
  • Secrets of the Octopus, Disney

  • Blue Heart, La Mer

  • Director and sole proprietor at

  • Editor and Art Director of DIVER magazine

  • Great Island Expedition co-leader with Jill Heinerth, 2022. 

  • Writer & Editor of multiple award winning Tadpoles: The Big Little Migration 

  • Writer & Editor of multiple award winning Call of The Coastal Wolves minimentary
  • Award of Excellence - Canada Shorts film festival for Exploring Bell Island

  • Art Director for David Attenborough's award winning Flying Monsters iPad app

  • Editor and Art Director Award winning iPad magazine for Disney’s Tron: Legacy movie 

  • Founder and Creative Director of five star rated iPad magazine Earth Periodical 

  • Art Director of iTunes number one iPad magazine, and first multi platform digital magazine in the world - iGizmo (won a ton of awards too). 

  • Pioneer of UK interactive magazines and expert in digital publishing

  • Adobe Digital Publishing Suite teaching, and written tutorials for MacUser magazine 

  • Adobe Ambassador for InDesign and Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

  • Lecturer on interactive magazines at International Slovenian Advertising Festival and Simon Fraser University, BC

  • Lead judge for fours year at the international Digital Magazine Awards 

  • Editor of popular magazine trade website 'MagDesigner 

  • ​Prize winning photographer, with work shown in London, Montreal, France, Vancouver

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Code of Conduct

As everyone's favourite neighboured Spiderman would say "With great power comes great responsibility". As scuba divers we are privileged to be able to explore the underwater realm, but we also have a responsibility in the way we conduct ourselves. pledges to:

  • Dive conscientiously, conservatively and ethically: use good buoyancy control, practice good spatial awareness, secure our gear so it doesn't impact the environment, and adopt environmentally friendly dive practices

  • Be aware of the fragility of reefs and marine life habitats and acknowledge our role as divers in protecting aquatic environments

  • Learn about some of the most pressing problems facing these vulnerable environments and help educate others

  • Never put any marine life in stress to get a shot, always respect marine life, and give them suitable distance

  • To be patient and never force an animal to do something

  • Respect local cultures and customs when you are working abroad

  • Recycle gear packaging, batteries and electrical devices in the proper manner

  • Never put the shot before an animal, diver safety, or aquatic enviroment 

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