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Dive Support

We can provide a range of Canadian, underwater production crew:

  • UW Directors

  • UW Cinematographers

  • UW Assistants

  • UW Rebreather crew and support

  • UW Dive Safety

  • UW Dive Supervisors

  • UW story researchers and producers

  • Remote location paramedics

  • ROV operators


  • ALL crew are DCBC commercial divers. 

  • ALL crew are experienced in natural history production.

  • ALL crew have extensive cold water diving experience.


Location scouting
Dive support
Remote first aid

Russell is experienced in aquatic location scouting; from rivers, lakes, and waterfalls, to octopus dens and shipwrecks. We can provide extensive location information, reports, and video. Russell has a great relationship with dive operators in British Columbia, and has a sound knowledge of dive sites across the province. Trauma kit and oxygen kit always on hand. 

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