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The Great Island Expedition

Born from a mutual love of Canada's east coast, RCGS Explorer in Residence Jill Heinerth, and RCGS Fellow Russell Clark, along with Rick and Debbie Stanley of Ocean Quest Adventures, led a team of explorers around the 'Great Island' of Newfoundland in September 2022.


We explored the unique and stunning Gadd’s Wall in Gros Morne National Park, documented the historic shipwrecks of the USS Truxton and USS Pollux, confirmed the final resting place of a CAF Liberator bomber from WWII, and ended by exploring the four shipwrecks sunk off the coast of Bell Island, 80 years after they sank in 1942. 


The team laid a commemorative plaque on site at the USS Pollux in recognition of the lives lost during these historically significant Atlantic WWII events.


The Great Island Expedition is one of the RCGS supported expeditions of the year


Jill Heinerth

Canada's first 'Explorer in Residence', a best selling author, one of the world's most accomplished explorers, and a splendid lady!


Russell Clark

That's me. I fell in love with Bell Island, Newfoundland, and all the people there soon as I landed. I can't wait to share it with everyone!


Rick Stanley

Newfoundlands premiere ocean advocate and a man that opens his heart, and world to all that he travels with. Extended family. 

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