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Tadpoles for the win!

The winners of the 2021 Jackson Wild Media Awards were announced this morning, and Tadpoles: The Big Little Migration was crowned the winner of the 'Ecosystem, Short' category!

The minimentary launched last summer has had a hell of a run since then. It has been screened in schools all over the world, it has attracted the attention of newspapers, radio and tv shows - all of whom have been very interested in chatting with Maxwel Hohn about his tadpole experiences.

Jackson Wild is one of the most prestigious awards a natural history film can win, so we're very happy with the recognition.

We also want to thank everyone that helped with the film: Roseanne Keatley, Steve Woods, Paul Nicklen, Cristina Mittermeier, Michelle Schramm, Hilary Fraser, Heather Soo, and Rob Beach.

You can watch the full movie below.


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