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Island of the Sea Wolves now streaming

‘Island of the Sea Wolves’ is now streaming globally on Netflix. This is a three part series following some of Vancouver Island’s wildlife through Spring, Summer and Fall.

I watched the show last night and loved it. Having called Vancouver Island home for the past 8 years, it’s great to have not only worked on the show, but have something that friends and family back in the UK can watch, and get a little better understanding why I now live here.

Dozens of highly skilled and dedicated filmmakers worked together for over a year, under the direction of Jeff Turner and Chelsea Turner. Crews spent twelve months scouring Vancouver Island, capturing incredible wildlife behaviours. And while so much good stuff always has to remain on the cutting room floor, the finished series is as dramatic as it is beautiful.

Through the course of the year I operated cameras, assisted, directed, offloaded, backed up, dived, snorkelled, hiked, drove, cooked, cleaned, scrubbed, wrangled, carried, and made jello. There’s no job too small, and it takes a small army to make a series like this including the unseen; team of editors, sound technicians, musicians, colourists, line producers, production coordinators, managers, camera technicians, and office dogs. So a big thank you and congratulations to everyone involved.

For those that live on Vancouver Island, like me, we all know this is just the tip of an iceberg. Hopefully we’ll all be telling stories from this part of the world for many years to come.


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